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The Soul Collector / Harvester

This was an email exchange between a client in our group and myself. I'm including it because I think it might be helpful for someone.

Client Email Starts:

So, let me run this by you and get your opinion on this......

Yesterday was a fairly active day, and had been an active 24 hours. I had seen a full-body apparition walk out of the kitchen the night before last, and the house was restless all day long yesterday. Kim had caught my mother-in-law's dog following something around the master bedroom & bathroom, and we were getting cold spots all day long. Last night, when we were all sitting at the couch talking about the day, I couldn't quit squirming because my senses were firing off that they were sitting with me while we spoke. Kim even felt one side of her get cold, like one had taken a seat right next to her. We weren't worried about it, since we had gotten used to them coming up to us since we've been acknowledging them.

Last night, when we went to bed, Kim & I decided to make one more attempt at an EVP session, since the house had been so active, and we were still wondering the reason behind the "help" we heard on the previous session. We asked them to identify themselves, and asked what it was they needed help on (note: I just finished listening to
the recording, and there's two spots where a male voice is definitely talking, and pretty extensively - it's just too low to filter out and make out what's being said...). Now the fun part. Before I go into what happened, keep in mind two things about me: I never remember my dreams, and I never dream the same thing twice, especially in one night.

As we went to sleep, mine was restless. By the time around 1:00 am had hit, I had already woken up twice, from the same dream having to do with the house, and the same two words ringing in my head --

Soul Collector..........

I thought it was weird, and something in me was telling me to look this up as soon as I got up. I brushed it off and went back to sleep, and was startled awake promptly at 1:30 by two things: One of my dogs was going batshit crazy in the living room barking a protective bark like someone was in the house that didn't belong, and the following words ringing in my head -- again, LOUDLY......

Soul Collector's here.........

The dog barking woke Kim & I both up, and I walked the house to make sure everything was alright. As I walked into the living room, the dog was in the middle of the floor barking. As soon as she saw me, she stopped & went back to the couch and laid down next to the other dog, that wasn't doing anything. The house was clear.

As soon as I got up this morning, I went over to the computer and googled the words. I had never used that terminology to my knowledge, and aside from maybe seeing a movie title by that name a long time ago, It's never been used in any conversation that I've had. Needless to say, it was very interesting what I found out.....

The house has been completely quiet today. When I brought this up to Kim, we called her Mom into the bedroom & I told them what had happened. After we had been talking a few minutes about it, I noticed something: there was no presence with us as we spoke, which has been the case every time since we acknowledge that they were here. We also found out another interesting tidbit: Kim's Mom & Dad never heard the dog. At all. It may be a bad pun, but that dog was barking loud enough to wake the dead, and they never heard a peep.......

Sorry if I ran on too long. I can get carried away I thought this was very interesting though, and wanted to get your take on it. I almost posted it on the group page, but decided to get your take on it first. Let me know!

My Response:

I was honestly wondering when/if this scenario was going to play out with you guys.

I've never heard it called a "soul collector", but at some point in active hauntings if they get active enough something will show up to "clean up the mess" so to speak. It's very similar to the process of calling down the "light of god" which is essentially creating a portal to the other side or some other spiritual place that's much further out of synch with our reality. I've always considered that other place the "real" reality. That's where spirits SHOULD go to continue the process of their evolution.

It seems that a spirit can stay here for a myriad of reasons but basically they're putting their spiritual evolution on hold while they stay here with us. If they have a good reason to stay here their force of will can allow them to stay or if they're just confused/scared they may elect to stay. The point here is that sooner or later, for their own good, they really need to move on to that other place.

It's possible that these spirits just wanted to make themselves known. They may have called this soul collector to take them, someone in the house could have subconsciously called him or the activity in the house just may have gotten so intense that it just popped up on his radar. I've always looked at this entity very similar to the concept of "death" as portrayed in the movie "Meet Joe Black".... sort of a bus driver from here to there.

Don't be surprised if the same spirits show up back at your place again later. They can and often will come back for short visits, but almost never show up for very long, almost like they've taken up residence on the other side but will pop over here when needed. The way I've seen this play out in the past has always lead me to believe that when these entities are taken to the other side someone sits them down and reminds them that the spirit world is their real home and they get the "big picture" back where they realize that we're only alive for short spurts in our spiritual evolution, basically when we need to "go to class" to learn a few more lessons.

Your experience and what you describe is quite normal for those sensitive to the spirit. The fact that you heard this speaks very clearly to your own medium ability. It leaves me wondering if recent events haven't played out with the intent of putting you on our group's radar to use that talent for the greater good.

This explains something to me too that you may find valuable. I'm much much more sensitive than I let on. I keep this ability very low profile because I tend to use it to check other mediums. It also allows me to sort of scan new clients and see if they're yanking our chain or not. The truth is we are ALL mediums to the extent that we allow ourselves to be. We all have the ability to sense spiritual energy. It’s a matter of getting comfortable with the idea and exposure.

At one point in the conversation you came out and admitted that you have that ability to a lesser degree but every time you tried to minimize the description of your own ability what I can only describe as your "aura" (if there is such a thing) would spike in such a way that you were not being truthful, but at the same time you would still maintain an overall feeling of complete honesty. I see this type of thing a lot with people who know they need to make a change but they're just not ready to make that change on an emotional level so they're rationalizing their situation.

Client's Response:

It's interesting that you said harvest. I heard another voice during that process last night call him a "harvester", and almost put that in when I googled the phrase this morning......

It's funny, I've always known that I have some kind of ability, but the combination of keeping it at bay out of denial and that good ol' fashioned Bible-Belt Southern Baptist upbringing I was put though always made me put it to the side. Any time I've talked to anyone about it, up until I met Kim, always would look at me like I was crazy or full of shit, so I would always shut it down.

I've always thought of my abilities as being very slight, mainly instinctual more than anything, and never really "stretched my legs" so to speak, to see what I can really do. I would still imagine that, despite having a very open mind, my age and experiences would still be a little bit of a hurdle (at least I say that - I still learn things at a near geometric rate). Like I said before though, I'm always open to learn new things, and I think you may be right that this has played out like this for a reason. Maybe I just need my "doors blown off", perception-wise, to kick this thing in gear, since I know belief & perception can help or hinder.

Funny, Kim & I were just talking early this morning before I sent you the note, & she said that she thought that I may have more of a "gift" than either one of us has thought, and asked me what I thought about exploring that. She looked right at me and did a big "see....I told you so!" after reading your response. She's behind me 100% to try and see....

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