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EVP Research - Notes from the spiricom manual

Spiricom Manual:

The spiritcom manual is a notebook detailing experiments from an authentic and genuine scientific approach on the subject of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), aka communication with the dead. It details information gathered through the course of the project from both traditional research from books and other mundane sources of information but also contains a significant amount of information channeled through mediums.

The basic premise is that living physical scientists are working in conjunction with deceased scientists in the spirit world in order to establish a method of two way communication. A traditional spirit medium is used for more direct communication during phases of the project to facilitate collaberation, but the overall goal is to be able to communicate effectively with the spirit world without the use of a living medium.

Interesting notes from original review of the material.

A significant amount of knowledge in electronics is needed to build the devices carefully detailed in the manual.

Direct Voice Mediumship: A method by which spirits may use spiritual energy to fashion a sort of "spiritual machine" that will produce an audible voice without the active participation of a medium. This phenomenon has apparently been documented extensively.

A spirit is required to meet 3 criteria in order to successfully imprint EVP or use Direct Voice Mediumship.

  1. Have a desire on the part of the speaker (spirit) to communicate.
  2. Move the "lips" of the spirit as it is talking in the same manner that it did when it was alive (corporeal).
  3. Think what it is it wants to say just as it did when it was in it's physical body.
Supposedly those are the 3 key criteria that allow a spirit to imprint (or impede) evp upon a medium.

It is apparently easier for a spirit to modulate a constant tone/signal such as a musical tone or even white noise than it is to speak "normally". By comparison it could be said that normal voice living beings use to communicate is nothing more than modulated air.

It is apparent that frequency (vibration rate) is a key denominator, possibly in all of creation. This seems to jive with modern physics research as well. After an individual dies they seem to operate at a much higher frequency than they previously did. That frequency seems to increase as their "evolution" increases. Tuning a carrier wave for communication to a specific frequency that the entity can interact with seems to be critical.

Apparently spirits can build "machines" or some sort of constructs out of energy. It makes me wonder if "magick" and/or prayer is not the same sort of construct of spiritual energy.

Music in particular (or perhaps more acutely the vibration there-of) seems to resonate across multiple dimensions / frequencies. A tone at a frequency audible to us on the physical plane also resonates many octaves higher and lower than the tone we perceive. Therefore music, most notably specific tones in music can carry across multiple planes of existence / dimensions / frequencies.

Mediums can apparently communicate with spirits because they have a different frequency structure than most people, especially when in a "clear" or "open" state of mind. They are apparently easier to "resonate" with.

Mental & Causal planes can communicate in the 12000 MHz range
Middle Astral and 25-35 MHz range

A great many factors can influence reception and overall communication efforts including but not limited to solar activity, lunar cycle, other forms of Electromagnetic interference, etc.

There may be a relationship between positive spiritual contact (good quality evp/communication) and lunar cycles in the format of more reflected solar light (more moonlight) seems to promote better quality communication. This may perhaps explain strange happenings during the full moon.

Is low or high solar activity preferable?

A Faraday cage can be used to effectively screen out some EM interference and does not seem to hinder spiritual frequencies.

spiritual beings exist as a specific wavelength of light.

more to come....

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