Monday, September 29, 2008

Starter gun links

A buddy of mine has a pistol and has been asking some beginner questions about how to clean his weapon, how often to clean it, etc.. He's also in need of some basic guidance on the whole topic so I sent him a list of the following links. Perhaps they would be useful to you at some point.

Good universal cleaning kit:

Must-have universal cleaning/lube - CLP Break Free. Same stuff i use in my videos. Makes cleaning/lube much easier:

Microlon Gun Juice - Get the 1oz dry film. You'll also need a heat gun but i'll loan you mine if you dont have one. This prevents rusting/seals the gun:

Important concepts in personal and home defense:

Cornered Cat: Overall great website on gun related issues. Especially tailored for women, but relevant to men as well:

4 universal rules of gun safety:

Shooting Basics:

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